Community Church

Located in the heart of Lafayette, this Flatirons campus serves the growing Denver area. Flatirons Church was converted from prior Albertsons and Walmart stores and unified them into a single facility for over 160,000 sq ft of repurposed space. The Flatirons congregation aligns itself as a “non-churchy” church and promotes interior design meant to capture the warmth and feel of a local Feed and Seed store to attract Coloradans who love outdoors.

Within Flatirons Church is an auditorium that seats 4,000 for high energy Christian-rock concerts and relevant bible teachings. The auditorium spans 50,000 sq ft and was built by removing the Albertsons’s roof structure and raising it 20 feet. Flatirons also promotes 100,000 sq ft of converted space for Christian education classrooms and areas where patrons can interact and share their faith.

Flatirons Church was completed on an eight-month fast track.

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Flatirons Church

At 160,000 square feet, this is the largest church in the state.