Fransen Pittman partnered with CU Boulder and Hord Coplan Macht to add an integrative physiology wing to the existing Ramaley biology building. It will provide a new headquarters for the integrative physiology program and includes new classroom space and labs. Throughout the project, our team ensured that the new IPHY addition blended seamlessly with the existing building. To achieve this, our team organized weekly meetings on the roof of the addition with several key stakeholders.

As well as paying special attention to the visual elements of this project our team took special care to make sure that the new IPHY addition stayed in budget. During the original design phase, the estimate for this project came back around fifteen percent over the maximum budget. Colorado University prepared to scrap the project after this initial design estimate came back. Rather than canceling the project, Fransen Pittman worked with the subcontractors and designers to develop several options for each of the components of the building to bring it back in budget saving over 7 million dollars.

Project Testimonials

This building addition could not have been built without Fransen Pittman’s determination and hard work. Their dedicated team along with their subcontractor partners and the architect, worked tirelessly to help the University strategize how to build this project, which started out severely over budget. Their team from the ownership down through the estimating department, project management and construction supervision were top notch and truly a pleasure to work with over the last two plus years.

Peter Nelson

Project Manager, CU Boulder