If you want to do good work, it’s best to do it with good people.

That’s why our team at FP is made up of smart, talented, and passionate people. We’re comprised of personnel committed to a project’s success from its initial RFP, till its ribbon cutting ceremony– and everything in between. We share experience and ideas, and collaborate with thrill and fruition. We learn from each other, and make sure that every idea is respected and considered. Simply put, we care about the work we do and the people we do it with.

Executive Leadership

Jim Andrews Thumbnail

Jim Andrews

Vice President of Operations

John Pittman Thumbnail

John Pittman


Tim Williams Thumbnail

Tim Williams

Vice President of Field Operations

Our Team

Alan Anderson Thumbnail

Alan Anderson

Preconstruction Manager

Ben Coleman Thumbnail

Ben Coleman

Project Manager

Ben Garey Thumbnail

Ben Garey

Project Manager/Business Development

Beth Ahrenkiel Thumbnail

Beth Ahrenkiel

Project Coordinator

Burns Morrison Thumbnail

Burns Morrison

Project Engineer

Cassie Noe Thumbnail

Cassie Noe

HR Administrator

Chet Campbell Thumbnail

Chet Campbell


Chris Hanson Thumbnail

Chris Hanson


Chris Hughes Thumbnail

Chris Hughes


Christina Garcia Thumbnail

Christina Garcia

Project Coordinator

CJ Campbell Thumbnail

CJ Campbell


Crystal Samuel Thumbnail

Crystal Samuel

Project Engineer

Dan Judish Thumbnail

Dan Judish


Darren Jacobsen Thumbnail

Darren Jacobsen


Dave Beeble Thumbnail

Dave Beeble


Dave Eddy Thumbnail

Dave Eddy

Preconstruction Director

Dave Smith Thumbnail

Dave Smith

Project Engineer

David Frauenfelder Thumbnail

David Frauenfelder

Senior Estimator

Dawn Peterson Thumbnail

Dawn Peterson

Project Accountant

Derek LePore Thumbnail

Derek LePore


DJ Jacobsen Thumbnail

DJ Jacobsen


Dylan Bunch Thumbnail

Dylan Bunch

Project Engineer

Evan Uttech Thumbnail

Evan Uttech

Project Coordinator

Gary Ringeman Thumbnail

Gary Ringeman

Assistant Superintendent

Heather Slonka Thumbnail

Heather Slonka


Jacob Kienitz Thumbnail

Jacob Kienitz

Project Manager

Jacob Miles Thumbnail

Jacob Miles


Jacqueline Villalva Thumbnail

Jacqueline Villalva

Project Coordinator

Jed Risser Thumbnail

Jed Risser


Jeff Haney Thumbnail

Jeff Haney


Jeff Pittman Thumbnail

Jeff Pittman

Project Estimator/Project Manager

Jennifer Arias Dickman Thumbnail

Jennifer Arias Dickman

Office Manager

Jill Hanrahan Thumbnail

Jill Hanrahan

Marketing Coordinator

Jim Storey Thumbnail

Jim Storey


Joe Bradley Thumbnail

Joe Bradley

Assistant Superintendent

John White Thumbnail

John White


Jon Clark Thumbnail

Jon Clark


Josh Davis Thumbnail

Josh Davis

Project Manager

Julie Marcial Thumbnail

Julie Marcial

Project Coordinator

Justin Clark Thumbnail

Justin Clark

Project Manager

Kari Turner Thumbnail

Kari Turner

Project Accountant

Keith Vaughn Thumbnail

Keith Vaughn

Project Executive

Kendyl Henry Thumbnail

Kendyl Henry


Larry Fiedler Thumbnail

Larry Fiedler


Lauren Landwehr Thumbnail

Lauren Landwehr

Project Accountant

Marc Groen Thumbnail

Marc Groen

Chief Financial Officer

Marjory Khoury Thumbnail

Marjory Khoury

IT Director

Michael Frank Thumbnail

Michael Frank

Survey Manager

Mike Lowrimore Thumbnail

Mike Lowrimore

Project Manager

Mike Muniz Thumbnail

Mike Muniz

Senior Project Manager

Owen McVitty Thumbnail

Owen McVitty

Project Engineer

Rachel Fenn Thumbnail

Rachel Fenn


Reese McKay Thumbnail

Reese McKay

Land Surveyor

Rich Mendez Thumbnail

Rich Mendez


Richard Everett Thumbnail

Richard Everett


Ross Scanlan Thumbnail

Ross Scanlan

Assistant Project Manager

Ryan Tedford Thumbnail

Ryan Tedford


Steve Anderson Thumbnail

Steve Anderson

Senior Superintendent

Steve Gilmor Thumbnail

Steve Gilmor


Steve Mossholder Thumbnail

Steve Mossholder


Tim Taylor Thumbnail

Tim Taylor

Safety Director

Travis Smith Thumbnail

Travis Smith

Project Manager

Trevor Khoury Thumbnail

Trevor Khoury

Project Manager

Tyler Kaul Thumbnail

Tyler Kaul

Assistant Project Manager

Tyler Kellogg Thumbnail

Tyler Kellogg

Project Engineer

Vanda Howell Thumbnail

Vanda Howell

Executive Coordinator

Wil Langhorne Thumbnail

Wil Langhorne