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Englewood, CO

9563 S. Kingston Court, STE 200
Englewood, CO 80112

303.783.3900 303.783.3939 (fax)
Windsor, CO

522 Main Street
Windsor, CO 80550

970.460.5250 303.783.3939 (fax)
Dallas-Fort Worth

611 S. Main Street, STE 445
Grapevine, TX 76051

214.983.2774 303.783.3939 (fax)


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Who We Are

Driven by a desire to be a different breed of builder, Fransen Pittman does more than simply build buildings. Our clients’ facilities are where communities come to study and learn, be inspired, advance health and sciences, and build the foundation for their life’s work. Our uniquely transparent and hands-on approach means each project receives our team’s full commitment. No matter how large or small the project is, we employ the same level of collaboration, innovation, and discipline to ensure our finished projects achieve our clients’ vision.


We take our culture seriously.

Because creating great work takes more than just skill and talent. It’s born from passion and purpose; formed with a balance of seasoned experience and problem-solving innovation. Great work needs a place to ignite, to shape and change and come to fruition. Great work needs a great environment.

Our culture is dynamic. It highlights our core values of integrity, respect and partnership in every exchange. Our culture has a distinctive spirit that was carefully crafted to guide our work and improve our lives. You’ll understand our culture when you feel it.


In 1994, Fransen Pittman was founded with a vision to create a construction company bigger than itself.

It started with zero work but big ideas to build a Colorado construction company based on honesty and partnership. Early Fransen Pittman team members knew that our work and the manner in which we operated had the power to impact the lives and the communities around us.

It was with this principle at the forefront that gained work for FP. Work that hasn’t slowed down since. Armed with a culture and philosophy to work hard (but work for others), FP has grown quickly and gracefully. We’ve expanded our offices and our market reach over the years, but our founding values hold true. 

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We believe we can change the world through the built environment.

It’s what guides us. It keeps us focused and it’s what keeps us looking for challenges. Most of all, this belief keeps us committed to you and the success of your project.

From the first spark of an idea to the final drawings and inspections, Fransen Pittman works alongside you to ensure that your finished space lives up to your vision. More than simply meeting budgets and timelines, we gauge our success by how well your project comes to life upon completion. Because we understand that at it’s most basic, a building’s purpose is to provide protection from unpredictable elements. It’s bigger purpose however, is to provide people a space to live, learn, create, grow, and excel.

Each day in and out FP lives by our commitment to safety, environment, and social responsibility. This commitment is concrete and guides our work.