After decades of persistent moisture infiltraion and deviations from the historic character of the envelope building, FP was chosen to remove the Capitol’s existing roof and restore it with copper and slate roofing, replicating its original condition when it was first built in the late 1800’s. Navigation of the tight site, safe transfer of workers and supplies, and protection of historic murals and building finishes were unique challenges to solve. The early discovery of asbestos in the original roofing and attic quickly expanded the scope of the project and the complexity of an already challenging site.

No other landmark is as reminiscent of Colorado’s history and as indicative of its future than the State Capitol. Built with iconic Colorado materials from across the state, this national landmark is home to the legislative decision makers and civic community alike. To uphold this important institution, the State Capitol remained 100% operational throughout the duration of the project.

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Installation of Historic Copper Materials

All the mill copper was seamed with full soldered joint using the historic iron soldering method passed down from generations. Each installer had to undergo specific training to learn how to solder the seams and pass monthly testing to confirm they retained the skill to perform it correctly. To ensure quality work, FP maintained a combination of expert "old hands" with young who showed impressive skill and commitment.

Project Testimonials

Restoring the roof on the Capitol was a challenge, Fransen Pittman assisted in all phases of the project beginning with researching materials and methods, historic preservation approval process and recreating details from the original 120 year old documents. They were able to meet the challenges of schedule, budget, difficult working conditions in the 120 year old building. The attention to detail from the copper connections to the finial at the top of the flagpole have led to a successful project.

Lance Shepherd

Capitol Architect, Manager, Capitol Complex Arcitects