Grace Place is a gospel based church providing a space for worshipers to grow their faith. Grace Place originally purchased a 15-acre undeveloped site to create their new campus. Fransen Pittman began construction for their new campus by constructing the main building that houses their sanctuary, administration and Trailhead café. FP then created a second structure adjacent to the main building that houses the Children’s Worship area. The Grace Place sanctuary is a pre-engineered structure that seats up to 720 patrons on the main level and 45 on the balcony. The sanctuary provides a venue for worshipers to experience faith music, sermons, and Christian events. Surrounding the Grace Place building is a slab-on-grade structural steel envelope for the Trailhead café/diner.

Project Gallery

Grace Place Church

Within the first phase of construction, the Trailhead café was created with an outdoor balcony and meeting area. The café provides a space for patrons to informally join and interact outside of the sanctuary.