Evaporation Plant

Constructed to USDA Grade A standards, the Dairy Farmers of America Milk Evaporating Plant incorporates state of the art refrigeration and product handling equipment.  The plant was economically constructed with structural precast and insulated metal panels over a steel frame to provide a durable environment for the new facility.

Drying Facility

The Dairy Farmers of America Milk Drying Facility is an addition to the Evaporation Plant constructed by Fransen Pittman. The addition allows the plant to dry and store a 30-day accumulation of product, with the drying chamber capable of processing 1 million pounds of milk daily. A 70-ft tall structural steel tower supports a complex array of processing equipment, stainless steel piping and controls. The process building is a combination of preengineered structural steel, structural masonry and insulated metal panels.

Project Gallery