Fransen Pittman is partnering with AGC of Colorado and Englewood School District to encourage construction careers for high school students. After realizing the low graduation rates at Englewood High School, FP launched this program to encourage students to pursue their diploma with the promise of a career out of school.

The FP mentorship program is meant to expose high school students to different trades in construction and garner interest in construction careers. Fransen Pittman uses our current projects to tour kids around and get them on live job sites to see the different work performed in construction. Students can then pursue a specific trade that they’re interested in and FP will partner them with a mentor to shadow and learn from.

Most recently, Fransen Pittman hosted a job tour of Charles Hay World School for a group of Englewood High School students. Fransen Pittman, Englewood Schools, and AGC Colorado hosted this meeting to convey the many benefits of construction jobs. Students received informational flyers and packets regarding the different trades in construction. They also received a personal tour of the job site from a seasoned Fransen Pittman superintendent.

Construction is a booming industry in Colorado. Cities are growing, expanding, and renovating. There’s work everywhere and an urgent need for more workers. Fransen Pittman’s goal is to teach students that construction jobs can lead to great careers and that if they get their diploma, FP will help them get a job.