This summer, members of the FP team made it a goal to climb Mt. Sherman, a 14er located in the Mosquito Range of the Rocky Mountains. At 4:15am, the group of 11 mountaineers met at the bottom and set off into the darkness. After starting in the wrong direction, they eventually corrected course and made it to the summit in staggered time slots.

Many 14er enthusiasts say that Mt. Sherman is one of the easier climbs to take on, but a Google search of “Top 5 Easiest Colorado 14ers” begs to differ! Project Manager, Travis Smith, is considered an expert climber and has summited 22 different 14ers. He assumed the role as leader of the adventure, organizing the climb and coaching his colleagues up the mountain.

First time climbers and FP accounting wizards, Ashley LaBelle and Aly Kruger, noted that they were grateful to have started in the darkness because “if it were light out, we would have turned back immediately.” Although a long trek, the two ladies (along with a few other first timers) made it to the top. Ashley is ready for the next adventure, noting: “It was very fun and I’m glad I did it!”

With one 14er under the belt, the FP team plans to make climbing a 14er an annual summer activity. Hats off to all participants. We can’t wait for next year!